Birding in the UPV at Green Lane Reservoir and Park

By Kevin Crilley

The rising popularity of birding as a leisure activity is well known. Magazines are filled with advertisements for birding tours in locations around the world. As exciting as bird travel can be, readers may be surprised to know that we have a well-known birding hotspot right here in the Valley. Green Lane Reservoir is recognized by Pennsylvania Audubon as one of Pennsylvania’s 82 Important Bird Areas. With its large size and varied habitats, Green Lane is a prime location for breeding birds as well as migratory species in spring and fall. Some 280 species have been identified within the park, ranging from ducks and shorebirds to warblers and sparrows. 

Some favorite birding venues in the park include Church Road, Walt Road boat launch, and Knight Lake. More information on birds and their seasonal status can be found in a pamphlet titled Birds of the Green Lane Reservoir and Upper Perkiomen Valley. This free publication is available at the Green Lane Park.